The beginning

by bjmuirhead

The one amusing thing about this post is that, as my first, it is not likely to be read by many people…

But like all writing what is at issue is making a beginning, and beginnings are difficult.     I have just started revision on a story about a lover’s revenge (it does have a cute little twist that I may mention at some other time) and the one aspect of the story which provided me with the greatest difficulty was the beginning. The point about beginnings is that they usually are where we began, and this particular beginning took months and many attempts before I had about 250 words on the page that were acceptable enough that I could go on and actually write the story. Now that the story is being revised, of course, the beginning which took so long to create has been reduced to about 40 words. This is a much better beginning which says just what needs to be said, and no more, which catches some attention (from my test readers, at least) and which leads immediately into the story without too much excess and nonsense.

Isn’t this what a beginning needs to do? In appropriate and modify  Sprague de Camp’s phrase: the sheriff is shot in the first paragraph. Now we find out why…

The story is called Predator, so we have some ideas already. Who is the prey is what is at issue, but ‘I’ have met someone….

So! Welcome to my musings on writing and photography, about which I will be more explicit usually.