by bjmuirhead

Primary Evidence — Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, March 10 to April 17

(I have just noticed that the gallery has also advertised the exhibition as going from march 10 to April7. All I know is when it starts.)

My first exhibition since 1995, this is an exhibition of female and male nudes. The following is my artist’s statement, which accompanies the exhibition. All of the nudes on this blog (so far) are in the exhibition, and I will post more in the near future.

The nude, whether we approve of it or not, provides evidence of our most basic humanity, of what we are. Of course it is true that our physicality is not something with which we are particularly comfortable; indeed, nudity is illegal in almost all situations. With our bodies normally covered and a condemnatory moral weight, nudity in any form tends to create unease in many people.

With this in mind, the majority of my works are intended to be bland to the point where they reach toward formlessness by the evocation of a detachment, almost an indifference.

It is within blandness that we find the detachment that exposes the delicacy and beauty inhering in the world. It is only within the neutrality of the bland that everything becomes available, from which we can examine, with indifference, the physicality of the human.