sketches toward eternity

by bjmuirhead

sketch for eternity

This photo is a sketch. It is not a good piece of work, it is just the beginning of an idea that I may or may not proceed with. But I like it despite its obvious failings. (I like the tones, I like the idea of a twittery death atop a womb… and so on). Just because I like it… here it is.

Now this, on the other hand, I think works, and this is one of my favourite images. It was my first attempt at a photo of (human) eternity, and is a part of what I call my driving force project—the ongoing recording of road kill and other road related stuff. Of course, the human is not so blatant in this one, which probably is why it works better.

An amusing (to me) biographic aspect to this turtle eternity is that I took the photograph on the way to visit a friend. On telling her about the shots I had taken, she moaned and groaned. She had run over it just a few minutes before, had been hoping she missed it, but hadn’t wanted to turn around and find out.