Bo Bae Kim: venus de creek

by bjmuirhead


One of the things I love about photography is that even photographs which fail to be excellent can show something beyond the mere physicality recorded. This, for me, is one such photograph. It isn’t an especially fine photograph, though in my mind it is exhibitable, but for me the expression on Bo Bae’s face, the almost coy awareness of being watched, as though caught in an act of reverence…

To me, this is a Venus caught by surprise, a showing of the presence of beauty. But, of course, I am an old romantic, and am most likely being silly—again.

Another Venus with Bo Bae and, I think, a better photograph than the first one, though this one is telling the importune viewer to go away…

I will repeat myself, and say that this woman was the best model I have ever photographed. I have no idea what she thought about working with me, but she seemed to be entirely in tune with what I wanted to photograph, perhaps because she is a very good artist herself. Mind you, she made it very clear that she disliked the photographs I took, to the extent that she refused copies of any of them. They were, apparently, far too feminine for her, and she made many a disparaging comment, all of which I refuse to remember.