the presence within

by bjmuirhead

As unlikely as it seems, I have absolutely no idea of what it means to have a penis—or, for that matter, a vagina.

Of course I know what it means sexually and biologically, but I really don’t know anything about it beyond these. Surely this is one reason why I take the photographs I take, to explore some other aspect of the physicality of our forms within myself.

I am aware that this may seem odd; in fact it seems odd to me, but at the same time there seems to be some type of strange sense to it. In so far as we are human, we are sexual, but it feels odd to me to equate a penis with nothing more than sex and urination, or a vagina with nothing more than birth and sex, surely they say, show or represent more than these functions? Surely there is more also than a feminist/sociological analysis of their significance sexually and in terms of gender analysis and patriarchy and…whatever else there is to talk about.

Whatever, I have no idea what I really have to say, so here is another photograph, which I suspect does not say what I want to say, but it may show me something, if  only I can work out what! (Personally, I find it very female, in pose, if nothing else.)