The bed and the smile — a poem

by bjmuirhead

 The Bed and The Smile

Always mine, this bed

Crossed in an ocean of sleep,

Holding memory dear.

I come and lie on it, your

Smile a raft over deep

Chasms always mine. To read

Always mine, the heart

Of passion randomly drawn

In the creases of the sheets,

In strange texts of skin and hair,

Guiding my way through small

Pleasures, covered and smiling.


The above is a poem I wrote some years ago, but never sent away to anyone anywhere. I always liked it, however, so when the opportunity to have it set to music came alone, I gave it to this musician Graham Muller. Yes, he liked it, but he wanted a few changes….

What is below is the poem as he asked me to change it. Of course, it has been through many variations before looking like this. I can’t help thinking, however, that it is a rather duller piece of writing.

Soon, perhaps, he will play and sing it for me, and I may be happier with the changes when he does this.

Comments would be appreciated….

Always Mine

Always mine, this bed

Crossed in an ocean of sleep,

I come and lie on it,

Holding memory dear

Your smile a raft over deep chasms,

Always mine to read

Always mine

The heart of passion drawn inward

In folds of sheets,

Strange texts of skin and hair

Guiding our way through pleasure

Always mine

Always shared

Always ours