HeadOn Photo festival

by bjmuirhead

Well, it has been a long and frustrating year since my last post. I have had very little to say, but I have been active, in a strange and perhaps somewhat disjointed fashion.

One thing I did was submit a proposal to HeadOn, which was accepted for exhibition at Gaffa Gallery in Sydney. Unfortunately life intervened and I had to put the money for the exhibition into my children (Son Number 2’s mouth, in point of fact, along with other expensive things). The result was that I had to cancel my involvement with the festival, much to my disgust. None the less, it was exciting to have my proposal accepted; I had, after all, believed that it would be dismissed out of hand. Thus it was a boost to my self-confidence, it not to my reputation.

For what it is worth, below are some of the images I submitted as a part of the proposal.


I found this one in outback Queensland, somewhere south of Charters Towers, along the Gregory Development Road. It was somewhat fresh, in fact I think I saw the responsible road train…Image

This perfectly headless bird was on the road outside my sister’s farm. To be a little twee… it charmed me with its perfection.


A Brisbane gutter….

And lastly, a little fox just north of Stanthorpe:


I will make another submission to HeadOn, but next time I will prepare better, so that even if life intrudes, I will still be able to follow through if my proposal is accepted.

Mind you, I haven’t finished work on this series of photographs yet. Road kill, the absolute finality of the flesh, and the detritus found on roads and in gutters, continues to fascinate me almost as much as nudes do. In fact, from my point of view, a naked human body is very similar to a naked dead animal. But perhaps that is best left for another post.