Unsent Letters

by bjmuirhead

UL-frontcoverI have been, slowly, ever so slowly, preparing a book on lulu.com, and I have finished it finally. It is available here.

Like any book worth writing, it has a long history in my life. It has been through some two dozen revisions, almost three dozen publishers, one court case in which my ex-wife used an early draft to try and show why I should be denied access to my children, and a lot of soul searching. Many friends refused to read it when I first told them about it, because it dealt with an older man’s love for a teenager below the age of consent. I am pleased to say that every one of them, when they at last girded their loins and read it, applauded the work even if they didn’t agree with my ideas, and several of them helped with the editing and revisions.

Publishers, on the other hand, were less than forthcoming. One editor from Scribner’s in New York, however, thought it was very good. She actually showed me her lack of notes on the material she read and seemed amazed that I had managed such good writing. (I didn’t know whether to be offended or laugh; in the end I just took it as a compliment.) Others stated that they liked the book, (a rarity to get any feedback at all, let alone positive comments) but all were determined that they could not publish it. You might think, as a result, that I describe torrid sex and nastiness, but no. Essentially, it is a piece of philosophic thought on the nature and acceptability of sex and love with a young adult, thirteen years old, about how something like that may take place and the morality of such a relationship. This discussion takes place within the context of various traumatic events in the narrator’s life.

Whether or not I am advocating this type of sexual relationship in this book is something other people will have to decide, though some will say yes and damn the book without reading it.

The Scribner’s editor advised self-publishing as the best way to go, so that’s what I’ve done.

I have corrected the formatting and proof read the internals of the book, when it was going to be a hard cover, but have not yet ordered a proof copy of the paperback. I guess I’ll get around to that in the near future, and later the cover if it needs it. (I am, in any event, a dreadful designer of book covers.) In the meantime…. hopefully some will purchase and enjoy it, or not enjoy it, as the case may be.