Three photos of Mt Marley

by bjmuirhead

It snowed here for the first time since 1984, so I had to take a couple of shots, the first of which is here. I also have posted a photo of the same small mount in the smog, and one in the rain. All three shots taken in early morning, and highly amusing to me.

Mt Marley in the snow 2015 Stanthorpe

Mt Marley in the snow 2015

Mt Marly in the smog of winter

Mt Marley in the smog of winter, 2015

mount marley in the rain, 2014I’m not really very good at landscape. In fact, I usually say that landscape only makes sense to me if there’s a naked woman in it. And then it’s a nude, not a landscape.

The result is that I’ve been taking quite a few shots of the mount from my front steps, just trying to get better at seeing what is there. Maybe it’s working, maybe not.