Domestic disjunction, Christmas 2014

by bjmuirhead

I really have no idea what these shots are about. I just know that they reflect my feelings about home and house. I don’t take photos in this series (if they deserve to be called a series) very often, and I keep them hanging around for a long time before deciding that they are finished.

I only have two from the past year that I am willing to put up, so here they are.

domestic disjunction 2014-lr

Domestic disjunction, Christmas 2014. Mel’s Kitchen.

I think Mel thought I was quite odd when I lined the camera up at a weird angle and shook it as I was taking this shot, but it seems quite friendly to me, a small glowing in an otherwise dark.

domestic disjunction_christmas_2014-v-lr

Domestic disjunction, Christmas day 2014. Living room.

This one seems to me to be quite bleak, but not necessarily because I had a bad day.  But, at the same time, it seems to me true to say that one’s photographs are a disguised autobiography, as Nietzsche might say were he alive now.

These, then, are two moment of autobiography about which I do not know what to say. Two moments that have been worked on over a period of months, and so represent a lot of thought about those moments. This is the pleasure, and the tribulation of using a photograph as the basis for a work which no longer is the photograph which was taken.