Losing files…

by bjmuirhead

The least amusing thing which has happened to me recently was the loss of my /home partition. This is the first time it has happened in over 16 years of dual booting windows and one or another flavour of GNU/Linux, and it happened because I was “frigging in the rigging” of my updated to Windows 10 installation. Somehow, instead of formatting the disc I had decided to wipe and use for backups, it wiped both the external HDD and the linux /home partition.

It was easy enough to create a new home partition, but, of course, all the data on it, including the recent work I had intended to backup, was lost.

In many ways this is a dreadful drama. New photographs, new poems and essays—all lost. Records of recent publications—lost. Downloaded academic texts and references—lost.

BUT, it also is a bit of a blessing. Some work which had been hanging over me for years, waiting to be “re-visioned” and finished, is now gone and I have no hope of recreating it. This, perhaps not so very strangely, is a kind of release, an opportunity to get on to some new stuff without the old hanging around. In fact, the only bit I regret losing is the three quarters finished draft of an essay on childhood sexuality in which I was attempting an explanation of how to conceive childhood sexual desire and its relationship to adult sexual desire. (It all hinges, of course, on our definition of sex.) This is the only piece I will try to rewrite, although it will be difficult because I no longer have copies of research I was relying on. I will, of course, do all the searches again, even though all I can remember is that one of the more important texts was the results of an survey which was published in Child Abuse & Neglect some years ago. Well, perhaps it doesn’t matter. I can remember the results of the survey well enough, but will not be able to reference it unless I can find the paper again. I shall see…

In any event, it is all a bit interesting and, thankfully, most of the research, writing and photography is adequately backed up. It’s only the most recent couple of months which is lost, but that is hundreds of research papers which I read like cereal boxes at breakfast time.

Perhaps it is time to fill my life with something else altogether?