Electric teasing

by bjmuirhead

Most of last year I was out of sorts, which is to say ill, so I haven’t really done any photography for quite a while. Now that I’m feeling much better, thank you very much, I’ve started looking at some of my old, unused photos.

A lot of them simply are not worth looking at, but I decided to do some editing on this one, even though it falls into the not worth looking at category.

Because: Kim Bobae—beautiful.

Because: she was teasing me at the time, and having a quiet laugh as she watched me back into an electric fence while trying to work out what photograph I wanted to take in that particular spot. Oh, and because: her smile as I get zapped!

And yes, that was pretty much the end of the shoot, which was already several hours long by that time, and during which some of my favourite shots were… shot.

Kim Boabae, nude woman, korean woman

Electric teasing

Oh, and by the way, I used the Google Nik tools to do the manipulation. They certainly do tone mapping on a single image very effectively, as well as a few other things.