by bjmuirhead

It’s four months since my last post, and much has changed in my life. Specifically I am not thinking, writing, creating any art or taking photographs.

It may be that I am going to take off in another direction altogether. When I know, I guess we’ll all know.

In the meantime, I have decided to post the occasional photograph from my collection, photographs I would have liked to exhibit, but which I never got around to doing anything with.

Steps at Teneriffe House

Steps at Teneriffe House

This one was taken so many years ago. It is a corner of Teneriffe House in Brisbane. It was a grand old mansion that had been divided into small and ugly flats, and is long since demolished. Some of us used to go up there and drink cheap port and wander around and, even though there were people living there, we never saw anyone. Perhaps we were too drunk to notice or care.

And not a nude in sight.