Against the dark within

by bjmuirhead

Some years ago, when I couldn’t sleep, I walked around the town at night to tire myself out and clear my nose. I always took my phone with me and every now and then I would find something worth a photograph. This one is my favourites. It was winter, very cold, and there were dead leaves lying on the footpath everywhere. These ones particularly struck me, and with a bit of manipulation, the residual colours came out, and with a little more manipulation they almost seemed to have some life within them somewhere. Hence the title.

dead leaves

Against the dark within, 2012

I don’t walk around town any more, so I miss anything like this which might be lying around.

At the time I was told that walking around at night was very dangerous, that I would be beaten up by … well, no one could really say, except to blame teenagers. It was amusing, therefore, that in months of walking around in the early morning, (between 1.00 and 4.00am,) the only people I saw were the police passing in their patrol car. They never stopped me, or talked to me—perhaps it was my age and white hair. Instead, they started waving at me and grinning. It almost felt comforting; if only I had been able to breathe and sleep, it would have been better.

Perhaps just as amusing is that it was during this period of walking that I started to use my phone camera to create images. I think at that time I was using a Samsung Galaxy s III, and I was impressed with how good the images looked after the event, even when I played with the settings, which was something I didn’t really know how to do at the time. Manual exposures were rather tedious, but worth the effort. Mind you, this one was on automatic with flash, so it was purely manipulation which created it.