Photographic Projects


This project came about as a result of driving up and down the Queensland coast many many times to visit my mother who was, at that time, dying.

The number of dead and rotting pieces of road kill kept mortality permanently before me, and it was not long before I began stopping the car and photographing whatever I found. My aim, if there was one, was to present a close up view of something which appeared to emulate in some small way the emotions I was experiencing.  Of course it didn’t take long before the work began to focus on much more than my personal issues, and so the project continues until I have enough work to exhibit.

None the less, any project is, somewhat inevitably, personal, and on this level it also carries with it my feeling that we all are, in one way or another, road kill, on an emotional level at least.


I can’t help it. I have one. I even use it occasionally. And I am a little wearied by the willingness with which many men look at the vulva, but cringe so thoroughly when a dick meets them face to face. There really is nothing more to it than that.  (Edit: Project completed and exhibited. It was suggested at the exhibition opening that I do similar work of the female pudenda, but I have not yet worked out how I would do that. Something to think about for the future.)


In this project I am focusing on small areas of footpath, gravel, walls, and the like. Behind it is the notion that we are able to find an expanse into which we can project ourselves in even the smallest and flattest piece of dirt.

(Edited 16 November 2015) I now have more than enough work here to have one or two exhibitions, but have been delayed in doing this by mere money concerns. None the less, I also am including some granite and tree photographs, trying to extend myself into more traditional landscape work.


The above projects are complete, and, apart from Horizons,  have been exhibited.

I have no other projects at this moment. (October 2017)